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Stop the Legal Slaughter of Sea Turtles!

Every year, more than 42,000 sea turtles are killed. Even worse? Their slaughter is completely legal.

All seven species of marine turtles are considered “threatened” in the wild, but hunters are getting away with killing more than 42,000 turtles a year.

According to a new study, more than 42,000 sea turtles are caught each year by fisheries, mostly in the Caribbean. Even though conservation efforts have been ramping up, the slaughter of these turtles is still completely legal in many countries, allowing literally thousands of them to be systematically killed. Eighty percent of them are the green turtle, considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

And those are just the legal catches. The same study estimates that a minimum of 65,000 turtles have been snatched from the sea and murdered in Mexico alone since 2000. Hundreds of thousands more die as a result of being accidentally swept up in fishermans’ nets.

That all adds up to huge numbers of turtles dying every single year.

We don’t have to let these already threatened creatures become any more endangered. We can stop this cycle before it’s too late. Tell the European Commission to intercede and establish protections for sea turtles around the world.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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