Stop the Norway Wolf Hunt!

Norwegian hunters are lining up to kill the most sought-after animal for hunting this season: wolves. This is despite the fact that there are as few as 30 of these animals left in the wild in Norway. More than 11,000 people have applied for licenses to kill just 16 of these creatures — more than 700 hunters per wolf. How can they expect to survive with odds like that?

The main pack of these wolves live in an area of Norway that is protected from hunting. But when a wolf wanders outside of these areas for food, they are suddenly fair game for hunters. The decision to open up wolf hunting this year was supposedly to protect livestock, despite the fact that populations are not at healthy levels according to Norwegian authorities.

This plan is disastrous. If enough wolves wander out of the protected area and are killed by overzealous hunters, this wolf population could be decimated. Please speak out now asking Norwegian authorities to revoke all licenses to hunt wolves!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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