Stop the sale of fur

Real fur can still be bought in many shops throughout the UK. The irony is that it’s illegal to farm fur in this country because it is so horrendously cruel. Recently, real fur has become more readily available on the UK retail market and this must be stopped.

Animals including cats and dogs are literally piled one on top of one another in tiny cages with no room to move or breathe. They are then skinned alive for their fur. This horrific trade takes place in countries such as China and North Korea. Although imports of cat and dog fur from China are banned in the EU, it is still smuggled in disguised as other animal fur.

The only way to really stop this cruel trade is to ban the sale of all fur by UK retailers.

Together we can stop the suffering of these poor helpless animals and end the sale of real fur. As a country we believe that fur is too cruel to farm here, so why can we still buy it in the shops?!

Please sign and share this petition to ask Members of Parliament in the UK to raise this issue in the House of Commons.

You can sign the care2 petition here

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