Stop the sale of pets through Gumtree’s website hosts adverts where people sell animals to anybody who is willing to pay for them. This facilitates the breeding of cats and dogs to sell for money – when there are already thousands desperately waiting in shelters for a home. Some animals may go on to be used as bait in dog fights.

Take action now — ask Gumtree to stop animals being sold on their site.

Even pets given away for free on Gumtree are at risk. People taking the animals on may not have suitable homes or lifestyles to provide a safe, happy environment for the pet. They may not realise this themselves, as expert advice will not be given as it would from a shelter.

Animal welfare is an extremely important issue for me. It breaks my heart to see so many dogs and cats for sale on Gumtree and I just couldn’t sit back knowing that this was happening, when I know that so many of them end up in awful situations.

Please sign my petition, asking Gumtree to stop allowing the advertising of pets on its site. If enough people sign, they will see that their site is facilitating potential cruelty. Unwanted cats and dogs should always be taken to a legitimate rescue shelter, where their future safety and security can more adequately be ensured.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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