Stop the Secret Seal Slaughter!

Fishing operations view seals as pests. Last year in Scotland, more than 200 seals were shot and killed, freeing up fish for the industry. Because shooting is allowed during the seals’ breeding season, many of the victims are mothers and pups. Stop fishing operations from secretly killing seals in the UK.

When mother seals are shot and killed, their orphaned pups are left to starve or become prey. It’s a sad story that unfortunately, unsuspecting families on holiday have become witness to. Since the seals are often shot around salmon rivers, families with children on holiday at the beach have had seals slaughtered before their eyes.

Ask Parliament to immediately ban the use of firearms to kill seals. Require fishing operations to use non-lethal seal deterrents instead. Sign the petition to save UK seals.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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