Stop the Slaughter of Wild Boar

Government rangers with high-powered rifles are shooting wild boar in the Forest of Dean. Officials claim the cull is necessary because of a recent explosion in the number of boars — but this mass slaughter could threaten the survival of an animal that was once declared extinct.

The Forestry Commission is currently carrying out the biggest cull of wild boar to date. This means that the Forest of Dean, between the River Severn and the Welsh mountains, could lose its entire wild boar population.

The government claims that the boars are feral and have a significant impact on residents because they occasionally dig up grassy areas, such as gardens and golf courses. They also say that the shootings are necessary because of overpopulation. The Forestry Commission claims that there are more than 800 wild boar in the Forest of Dean alone. Yet another government agency found there are likely no more than a total of 500 wild boars in all of England.

We need to hold the government accountable for killing these innocent animals with no compelling justification. Local animal activists have been hard at work organising protests in the forest to convince the Forestry Commission to stop the cull. The government needs to hear from us too.

Tell the Forestry Commission to stop needlessly slaughtering wild boar.

You can sign the care2 petition here

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