Stop the Sochi Stray Dog Slaughter

As the Winter Olympics draw closer, there’s been a lot of publicity about the Russian government’s crackdown on LGBT activists and environmental protesters. But they’re not the only ones in danger — this week, officials are planning to kill thousands of stray dogs in the city of Sochi.

Sochi has hired a private company to kill off “as many dogs as possible” before the Games start this Thursday. The owner of the company, Alexei Sorokin, called the dogs “biological trash.” And Sochi representative Sergei Krivonosov said that putting them in shelters, where they would have a chance at finding a loving home, would be too “time-consuming.”

Many of these dogs started their lives as people’s pets. They’re not trying to hurt anyone or interfere with the Olympics, and they certainly don’t deserve to be murdered by the hundreds for the sake of tourism.

Last year, the city backed off a similar plan after an outcry from animal lovers like you. Let’s make the same thing happen again.

Remind Sochi that the eyes of the world are on their every move. Tell them to stop the stray dog slaughter!

You can sign the petition on the Petition Site here

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