Stop the Torture of Baby Chicks in Thailand!

In the tourist area of Koh Lanta in Thailand, baby chicks are dyed various colors, put in plastic bags, and sold to tourists as children’s toys.

The cruelty of this practice is obvious. Please speak out to call for this disturbing tourist business to be shut down.

The chicks, which are dyed yellow, green, pink and other bright colors, cannot breathe in the plastic bags and are not given access to food or water despite it being swelteringly hot outside.

Baby chicks are incredibly delicate — an extended period without food or water can cause them to die quickly. This treatment of these chicks is not only cruel, but it teaches our children that animals are toys that can be treated however we please. It is unclear whether this business is actually legal, but regardless, it needs to be shut down immediately.

Care2 member Nicole E. was so outraged by this news that she started a Care2 petition. Please sign her petition today asking that the Thai government crack down on this disturbing and cruel business in Koh Lanta!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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