Stop Trophy Hunting Giraffes

One of the world’s most striking animals is in trouble, and instead of coming together to save it, a debate is raging across social media on whether it’s acceptable to kill giraffes for selfies. Sign our petition to protect giraffes and urge African nations to outlaw trophy hunting these majestic animals.

Comedian and animal rights activist Ricky Gervais recently called out an ‘extreme hunter’ for her horrible selfie with a dead giraffe she killed on a canned hunt. Social media erupted. Hunters and animal rights activists picked sides and locked horns. Care2 member Nyack Clancy is firmly on the side of the giraffes – won’t you sign her petition to end this barbaric practice?

It’s incredibly important that we come together for our planet and its wildlife. Giraffes desperately need our help. Six out of their nine subspecies are currently in trouble, and overall populations have dropped considerably over the past decade. It’s time to stop shooting them, and get serious about conserving them. Sign Nyack’s petition today!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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