Stop Using Live Pigs for Gunshot Wound Training!

British army medics are being sent to Denmark to shoot live pigs with automatic weapons. We have to stand up to stop this cruel practice.

In the U.K., it is illegal to subject live animals to injuries in order to train doctors or medics. Not so in Denmark, though — which is why the British military has been sending soldiers there to practice the treatment of gunshot wounds on live pigs.

According to the Mirror, the British Army has been shipping military surgeons to Denmark. There, in an awful practice nicknamed “Operation Danish Bacon,” soldiers string up live pigs on wooden frames and shoot them with AK-47s; then, they treat the injury while the animal is still breathing. Even if the surgery is a success, the pigs are euthanized anyway.

The government confirmed to the Mirror that pigs are “subjected to bullet and blast wounds.” Worst of all, there are simulators available that would p rovide more realistic, more effective and far less cruel training for the aspiring medics.

This inhumane, outdated practice must be halted immediately. Ask the British Army to stop shooting live pigs to train their military surgeons!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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  1. Shooting baby giraffes, using pigs for military barbarism, the Danes are a cruel band of low life scum.

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