Stopping Iris Is Wrong

I can’t help but feel that scrapping IRIS is wrong. I am (or I guess was) a big fan of the IRIS recognition as I have said before and I can honestly say that in all the time that I have used it I have never had a problem.

There was never anybody else using it, the doors never jammed and seriously how hard was it to look into a screen a line your eyes up?

As for what the report in the Telegraph said:

Travellers frequently had difficulties lining up their eyes with iris recognition camera embedded in the gates.

As a result the sight of passengers shuffling forward and backwards in an attempt to be in the right position for the gates to open was commonplace.

It was subject to constant criticism and five years ago a study showed that if failed half of the targets that had been set.

In many cases passengers found that they could get into the country quicker by joining the queue to have their passports inspected by an immigration officer

Total rubbish in my opinion and the ‘expert’ I saw being interviews on Sky (didn’t get his name but he and a cream jacket on) was talking a load of rubbish at well.

Am sure the software did crash, but it would have become more robust over time just as every other application in the world has.

As for people struggling, that is a shame, but everyone has to get used to a more technological world and if they can’t look straight at something then god help them!

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