Summer Body Clock

Got a few weeks of from the ALStrays Transports which is good as it is certainly time to get ready for Summer here in Spain.

While the weather has moved towards summer it isn’t there yet, which gives us time to adjust the old body clock to summer time, and to start getting some sun on the old bones. Experience has taught us that if you don’t start to get used to the sun now you end up hiding away all summer as it really can become too hot to spend much time outdoors.

In many way this will be our first summer ‘with the dogs’ as although we already had Teo last summer and got Tigra at the end of July, it wasn’t until September that we started taking them to the beach and running them off their leads.

Now that they are used to running free we need to adjust out (and their) body clocks so that we up and out much (much) earlier than during the ‘winter’ months.

The cats have already made the adjustment and around 5.30am they are starting to mooch around and ask for the roof to be open so they can have a couple of hours before the sun gets up. During the day they are sleeping more, with the odd trip up to the roof to find some shade if we are up there, and then again they are spending much more time up there in the evenings.

I was down the beach this morning with the dogs, but by 9.30am it was already too hot for them: lot of panting after 10 mins running, Tigra kept running into the sea, and Teo have a couple of sit ins until I agreed to turn round.

So we need to move towards a 7.30am walk/beach each morning, which in turn means earlier nights BUT we also need to walk the dogs at night, and let the cats enjoy the roof: all of which means getting back into the habit of a siesta.

For those interested in the boring stuff in life our schedule for the summer will be based around:

0600: open roof up for the cats
0730: run/walk for the dogs
1100: breakfast
1600: lunch (main meal of the day)
1700: siesta
2100: walk the dogs
2200: bed

During the rest of the day need to fit in a bike ride (most days), a couple of hours on the roof in the sun, and Sands re-homing work and sorting out transports.

Can’t really see us going out much over the next 4-5 months to be honest as both really want to get back into being fitter and healthier, and as I am only ever really interested in going out at lunch time I don’t see that we will have much time.

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