Summer Hibernation

Where we live in Spain isn’t a particularly busy tourist spot. For sure the Spaniards come in significant numbers for August (the only truly busy month of the year), and the English school holidays sees an increase in rentals by second property owners to friends and family (the owners by and large are past having kids in school).

Parking is tough, the beaches are busy from 9am until 9pm, the ‘better’ bars, cafes and restaurants do a decent trade (but once again this year the majority of tourists are staying in – Mercadona Tourism we call it as that is the name of the supermarket).

As an Expat living in Spain I have to say that this is my least favourite time of the year!

You see I can’t shed the feeling that all these strangers are ‘on my turf’, sat ‘at my bar’, eating ‘in my restaurant’ etc etc.

Irrational I know, and damn weird to many, as the majority, after months of only having the same old faces to talk too, welcome the influx on fresh blood: especially if they have deep pockets and a (gullible) desire to be friends and educated by a real local!

For me though, after 14 years ownership, I find that what time I do spend in the bars, cafes and restaurants tends to be spent talking to the owners: the people I have known for years. Winter (or very occasionally summer) you are more likely to find me having a late lunch and then chatting to them after their kitchen closes (in fact more often eating with them after they have closed), or enjoying a late drink with them after they have closed for the night.

I am not a particularly sociable person, in so much as I don’t go looking for company and much prefer to sit and chat with one or two people.

Parties and a packed terrace fill me with dread: rather have a tooth out!

And that is before the inevitable and understandable repetitiveness of the ‘entertainment’ provided by the bars.

No for me summer is a time for hibernation. This year I am busy training for my sponsored bike ride, but I am also busy hibernating: making the most of the apartment, the roof, the jacuzzi, walking the dogs, playing with the cats.

Of course this all has to be done within Summer Hours: 7am – 10am and 7pm – 11pm.

The Spanish have a method to their madness though with their siesta, eating late (is beyond me how anybody can entertain a hot meal anytime before 9pm in this heat) and the longer we have lived in Spain the easier (and more natural) it has become.

I can’t be the only one though!!??

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