Support Dignity in Dying

The current laws throughout the United Kingdom force dying individuals to suffer needlessly. Show your support if you believe that people should be able to determine the quality of their final days.

What would you do if someone you cared about was suffering terribly?

People dying in extreme pain have little recourse under current law. If palliative care is ineffective, if the drugs are no longer working, friends and family are powerless to do anything for their loved ones other than suffer alongside them.

Join the campaign to change the law and support dignity in dying.

Public demand for a more sensible choice is growing. A recent survey shows that 80% of UK citizens want to see a change in the law on assisted dying for terminally ill adults.

The Assisted Dying Bill would provide the legal framework to do just that. There is no reason to deny the final wishes of terminally ill, mentally competent adults, especially when an overwhelming majority support changing the law.

For this bill to become law, Parliament needs to hear from us. Show your support for the Assisted Dying Bill.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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