Swimming With The Galgos (Video)

Neither of our Galgos are particularly fond of the sea (neither am I if truth be known) although Tigra has always been happy to run in and lie down in it to cool herself down. They both seem to enjoy swimming in a lake or (muddy) pond but I don’t think they like the waves.

Which is a shame as we live 5 minutes from the beach and take them down three or four times a week. During the summer this is usually 7am, so I have been girding my loins, strapping on the GoPro head band, and trying to encourage them to come in.

So far my swimming has improved, and they have run in for a splash. I suspect that until Sands comes in as well they will be happy to stay on the beach with her, so I am not holding my breath that I get them (or her) in swimming anytime soon!

Still it has been good for me to start swimming again, and at least I got to use the rarely used GoPro.

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