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TAG Heuer’s Connected

I have written about my dilemma regards owning a Smartwatch and have pretty much come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t really use one.

That is until I saw the TAG Heuer’s Connected over on the Engadget Site

Before we kitted them out with high-res AMOLED screens and WiFi, luxury watches were the sorts of thing you could wind up and pass down through the ages. With its new Connected smartwatch (seriously, its name is “Connected”) TAG Heuer thinks it’s captured “eternity in a box” and restored a sense of legacy to an otherwise obsolescing wearable. Erm, we’ll see about that. Long story short, it’s a $1,500 Android Wear watch that you’ll be able to trade in for a mechanical version after two years if the whole connected lifestyle really isn’t for you.

Expensive BUT it looks good and is a watch that I would be happy to wear purely as a ‘sports’ watch, and I like the trade in option as that sits well with my general view of them being more technology for technology sake than technology that enhances your day to day life.

Most certainly NOT a Christmas present, never say never as they say, so I will keep an eye on the next generation and who knows what next July will bring …

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  1. +5The MOTOACTV is definitely a bteetr device than the SONY Smartwatch since it’s running a pull version of Android, has a faster processor and internal GPS and a variety of sensors. If they could manage to get the price to $99, they could sell millions of these things.

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