Camera Bag Purchased

Following on from the Camera Bag post I have gone with the 7 Million Dollar Home from Crumpler. Two key factors were the design, it doesn’t look overtly like a Camera Bag and I like the messenge...

Camera Equipment

I still haven’t worked out which camera bag I want, or even need, and one of the reasons why is that I don’t think I have finished working out what I will carry in it. You see in the simpl...

Frames of Miks Media

I just wanted to draw your attention to Macs new photoblog, Frames of Moks Media, which is new, but already showing a lot of promise. Well worth checking out in my humble opinion! Tweet

Winter has Arrived

This is about as close as we get to winter here in Almerimar, the snow on the mountains way to the right of us. The impact is pretty significanty though, as when the wind blows in off the mountains it...

Our View

It has been a while I know, but here are a couple of photographs to prove that I still take them from time to time! These photographs were taken on the same day, at the same time, from our balcony. Th...

Which Tripod

About the best thing that I have done so far regards buying a Tripod is not to buy one. I would have got it so wrong!! I had totally underestimated the weight of the new lenses, the effect that a stro...

Dubai Pictures

I managed to take a grand total of 5 pictures in Dubai, and 3 of those were out of the office window! I was only able to take the T7 ‘point and shoot’ so I wasn’t treally going with ...

Camera Bags

Bit of help please! As I expand my range of camera equipment, and prepare for some possible traveling again in the near future, I have found my mind wandering off in the direction of camera bags. This...