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Happy New Year

Just wanted to which everybody a Happy New Year. Whatever you do, be safe, be sensible but above all have a GREAT time. As I said before, sorry for not posting so much in 2008, and I promise that 2009...

Halloween Plans?

I recently wrote about the way in which Spain celebrates Halloween over on our Almerimar Life blog and it got me wondering as to how it is celebrated where you live? In the US I am aware of the trend ...

TuneBar 4 Sneak Preview

Regular reader and business partner Tom Hancocks has given me a sneak heads up on the next version of the popular application TuneBar. TuneBar 4 has a number of improvements: Massively improved Hot Ke...

Flip Ultra Video

Wayne sent this in to share with you all. Thanks Wayne!!! As ever if you have anuthing that you want to share I will happily post it. In this day and age, information is king, and “unless you have v...

Frames of Miks Media

I just wanted to draw your attention to Macs new photoblog, Frames of Moks Media, which is new, but already showing a lot of promise. Well worth checking out in my humble opinion! Tweet