Take That Double Standards

By no means am I a Take That fan! Couple decent songs for sure, and Gary Barlow seems a very talented and pleasant chap!

With regards to the calls for him to hand back his OBE ……. what a load of rubbish.

First (and last) he hasn’t broken any laws so what could he be punished for.

He invested in a scheme to try and avoid paying tax: so what. Let him without sin cast the first stone: if that was the case I doubt a single journalist in the world would be qualified to criticise him. Not that I have anything against journalists but it is human nature (see I can’t have anything again them when I include them in the category human) to try and make the most of what you earn.

Now I don’t believe at all that there should be one law for celebrities and one for the rest of us, but as I said: he hasn’t broken any laws!

Should he be treated any differently than the rest of us: of course he should. After all the rest of us wouldn’t have had to endure the years of (very) public insults about his weight, talent, looks etc.

Despite all that he retained his dignity, staid in the UK, continued to pay his taxes even though it seems fair to assume his earning potential was severely restricted by all the negative press coverage and witch hunts.

Fast forward a few years: successful reunion, lot of very happy people and a tremendous Royal Jubilee Concert (which I assume he did for free!). That concert alone will have contributed more in income to the UK coffers than any tax avoidance.

Whether we like it or not it is different for a celebrity. Higher peaks, lower troughs, and a large number do seem to think they are above the law and should be treated differently but in the case of Barlow et al I suggest people just get off his back and worry about some of the real problems in the world.

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