Tell North Face to Stop Using Live-Plucked Down!

As the weather gets colder, people all over the United States are putting on jackets made with goose down to keep themselves warm. But the down that went into making those coats often comes from geese that were subjected to intense pain and terror as their feathers were ripped out of their bodies.

When down feathers are “gathered” from live birds, it’s not like the experience of plucking a few stray hairs from your own head. The geese are held down with their heads between the knees of workers, shrieking in pain and agony as the plucker rips the feathers from their skin. If the feathers aren’t ready to come out — which is often — the birds will be left bruised and bloody. Worst of all, the geese are forced to undergo this torture multiple times in their lives.

Popular outdoor brand North Face says it’s working to create a responsible policy, but its down comes from Allied Feathers, a company that news sources say gets much of its down feathers from live-plucked geese in Hungary.

Clothing companies can stop supporting this torture by sourcing down from birds that aren’t plucked alive. Tell North Face to stop using down from live-plucked geese!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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