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Teo Birthday (Video & Photos)

Teo was 5 years old recently and as I was in Malaga dropping a cat off from the UK and Sands at the airport as she was going to the UK I thought I would take Teo and Tigra to see Charlotte at 112 Carlota Galgos, which is where we adopted Tigra from.

Teo had been a couple of times before (when we met Tigra initially and when we went to collect her) but it was Tigra’s first visit back. She has met a few of her old friends since we adopted her as a number have stayed here with us on route to their new homes, but I was interested to see how she would get on going back, and in particular how she would be with Charlotte as she (Tigra) is still very nervous at times.

Teo, as expected, was brilliant. Got on with all the other dogs, made himself very much at home, and had a great time.

Tigra was brilliant! She was a little nervous and clang to both Teo and I, but she seemed to remember where she was and Charlotte.

And Charlotte very kindly gave Teo a birthday stood. Of course Tigra had to have one as well.

I was also trying out the GoPro mounted on the Nikon D80, so is a video (and photos) below. Continue to be impressed with the GoPro, although I need to tilt it up more when I am using it mounted on the camera.

Click on a photo to see it full size

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