Teo & Tigra Nature Reserve (Video)

One of the justifications that I used when I was getting the GoPro Hero 3 was that I wanted to take some ‘action’ shots of Teo and Tigra. I have tried before but have never been able to get the camera mounted properly. Go Pro recently launched the Fetch mount for dogs, which I finally got round to trying out today.

The mount is great. Fits both dogs well (Tigra less fussed by it than Teo) and it holds the GoPro nice and snug. I think it was designed for use with the dog ambling along nicely by the side of the owner though, not really for use on the back of a Galgo fighting with his mate and then said mate taking a turn and hurtling round in their usual manic style! Video starts with Teo ambling along with the GoPro on his back, and then it Was Tigra’s turn, and she was a lot more active!

Made for some interesting footage though, and as I was then left holding the camera for the remainder of the walk I did take some extra footage of the two of them enjoying the nature reserve.

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