TextExpander update adds new expansion options

I have reviewed TextExpander before and would recommend it to anyone to be honest. It is one of those applications that after you have used it for a (short) while you just take for granted.

SmileOnMyMac have recently released and update to the $29.95 application which adds a new option for expanding text:

With TextExpander 2.6 abbreviations can now be set to expand when preceded by any character. With this option expansion can be triggered after adding punctuation like parentheses and slashes.

The new version also allows users to specify the Clipboard restore delay and the words-per-minute (wpm) rate that is used to calculate how much time is saved by using TextExpander.

If you haven’t checked it out then I really would siggest that you do. If you blog, Tweet, do any SEO work, or even Google Ad Words management it is unbelievably useful.

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