The EU’s Animals Need Someone To Stand Up for Them

The European Union has Directorate-Generals in charge of many different important issues — except when it comes to animal welfare.

Throughout the European Union, animals are still in grave danger. Millions are crammed into trucks or onto ships, alive and terrified, to be taken to the slaughterhouses of foreign countries. Creatures in fur farms live their entire lives in tiny cages before being brutally killed. And welfare laws vary greatly from country to country, meaning that a cat or dog who’s safe in one nation might be murdered without consequence in the next.

Clearly, there needs to be an authority figure who will enforce animal protection throughout the entire European Union. And that’s where a Directorate-General comes in.

There are already Directorate-Generals appointed to cover a variety of important issues, including matters of humanitarian aid, the economy and the environment — but as of now, there is no one to stand up on behalf of the EU’s animals.

The EU’s own treaty states that animals are sentient beings and should be treated with compassion. But without proper enforcement, those regulations are nothing but lip service.

The EU needs to take responsibility for keeping animals safe throughout its member countries. Ask EU leaders to appoint a Directorate-General of Animal Welfare immediately.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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