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The Nikon D80

I was in at least two minds over this book. In theory I shouldn’t have needed it – I have been using my D80 for a while now, and it has a pretty good instruction manual with it, allbeit as easy to navigate as any manual!

The book was well presented, in a logical manner, with some clear and easy to follow illustrations (nice touch using the Apple Cinema Display throughout the book – minus the Apple logo!). The CD was very easy to use and flowed in a natural sequence, with some good examples to explain and inspire!

As far as I know they only do a dBook for the D80 and the D200 which is a pity as I think that a lot of photographers, both novice and intermediate would benefit from a book like this. $44.95 seems a little expensive, and you certainly feel that when you first open is at is is only 41 pages thin, but the CD makes up for that, and as I came away thinking that I knew a lot more about the D80 and how I could use it better then I guess it did the job it was intended to do!

All in all a solid book that I enjoyed snd found useful.

Book Summary

Dbooks: Probably the most important accessory for your Nikon D80

Rocky Nook dbooks are the ideal companion for anyone who wants to get the most from their Nikon D80. With more than 580 digital pages in Acrobat format, you will discover the fundamentals on all aspects of the digital image creation process: digital photography basics, taking pictures, image optimization, lenses, accessories, and much more.

Rocky Nook Dbooks go well beyond the Nikon camera manuals and are well-organized, beautifully illustrated introductions to digital photography with the Nikon system.

The Dbooks offer clickable examples and digital images that explain before-and-after situations and clearly illustrate the individual stages of the processes involved. Navigation is easy with the built-in hyperlinks or the detailed index and Acrobat search functions. Rocky Nook Dbooks make reading just as exciting and interactive as digital photography itself. High resolution RGB images help to illustrate subtle differences and effects which would hardly be visible on a printed book page.

Rocky Nook Dbooks include a handy booklet for use on the road, which is filled with practical overviews of your camera and menu options.

The Rocky Nook Dbook series is a must for all serious amateur, semi-professional, or professional photographers who want to get the most out of their Nikon equipment, and who strive to produce impressive, polished, digital images.

Book Information

November 2007
580 pages
ISBN-10 1-933952-15-6
ISBN-13 978-1-933952-15-4
Price: $44.95 USD

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  1. As a Canon shooter, the book’s not of much interest (especially at over 1$/page! (yes I know there’s also the CD… 🙂 )) but there was an interesting link on the book’s web page to a(nother) site all about HDR and panoramic shooting techniques – HDR Labs.

    I spent a little while exploring, but will have to return another time to read a bit more – it looks slick.

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