Treat your Mac to a new App

Thanks to Gary for the suggestion that I take a look at a couple of the promotions that are around at the moment.

Give Good Food 2 Your Mac

I think this wins first prize for the creativity of the web site which is laid out, as you would guess from the title, as a combination kitchen and recipe book.

They have a pretty good range of applications in the mix, and offer the following discounts:

  • 30% on 3 applications
  • 40% on 5 applications
  • 50% on 7 applications
  • 70% on 10 applications

They have a total of 28 applications to chose from including Pixelmator, CSS Edit, and Foto Magico Express.

To date over 760 people have taken advantage of the offer. It is worth checking out even if just for the fun of the site, but hurry – the offer is running for just over 6 more days. What makes this somewhat different is that it is promoting the applications of European Developers.


This is the second year of MacSantaand each day if offers a number of applications at a flat 20% off. After the day on which they’re featured on the MacSanta home page, all products areoffered at a 10-percent discount, until the end of the year.

The number of developers participating is pretty large, and anything that has Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro and Fission on offer is worth a look.

If you do head over and drop some cash let me know what you bought, and what you reckon to the deals.

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  1. Great timing with this post Chris! I have been trying out Billable by Clickable Bliss – it’s a simple invoicing app. I’ve tried several different apps and settled on this one as the simplest for the small number of invoices I need to do for web work. Just hadn’t got round to purchasing and found it on Macsanta at 20% discount. Awesome!!

  2. dont forget that bitclamp is 20% off with the code MARSHALL as you check out.

    great post chris I really like the good food site.

  3. I’m on the verge of buying Yojimbo from the MacSanta promotion. I looked at it a few months ago, but I hadn’t really got into it deeply, though I quite liked what I saw. Then the 30 day demo expired, and I just left it hanging. With the discount, I’m happy to buy it now.

    I’d bought CSSEdit directly earlier in the year. It’s a great program if you’re rolling your own CSS.

  4. I haven’t been tempted by anything yet – to be honest I pretty much have what I need at the moment and want to focus my time and energy on writing and content rather than learning new applications 🙂

    Maybe we could sort out a blog purchase, see who wanted what and try and getthe higher discount level on a bulk purchase?

  5. @John Thanks for that. I actually spotted this story while I was at work this afternoon. I was going to post the news here when I got home tonight, but you beat me to it. 🙂

    I did buy it the other night. It was nice to find that they didn’t release v2 (as a paying upgrade) two days after buying!

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