I have been wearing a Trion:Z Duo Loop for a while now. Can’t say that it is doing any good, but to be fair the amount of aches and pains in my old body these days I am not sure that anything would do any good, but the Trion: Z does have some medical accreditation’s against its name.

I have always had a ‘thing’ about wristbands and have lost track of the number I have bought, worn, and discarded over the years. One thing I will day about the Trion:Z is that it looks good, is comfortable, doesn’t show signs of wear easily and has stayed on my wrist longer than most!

Trion:Z gains MHRA Approval as a Class 1 Medical Device in the UK

Trion:Z, has been awarded a Class 1 medical approval by the MHRA, the regulatory body for all medicines and medical devices in the UK. This accreditation adds further credibility to the success Trion:Z has built over the last 15 years as a health and wellbeing brand with a reputation for quality and innovation. Read More

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