UK: Ban Animal Experimentation for Good

All over the country, animals are being genetically engineered before being subjected to painful testing or surgeries — often without any anaesthesia.

Four years ago, the UK coalition government resolved to reduce animal experimentation around the country. But the numbers of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, primates and other animals subjected to painful testing have only gone up in the last year.

Demand a ban on animal experimentation, full stop.

According to official statistics, in 2013, more than 4 million animals were subjected to invasive experiments in the name of scientific discovery. These experiments often involved genetic engineering, which means that animals were specifically bred to be tested on — in other words, they were born to die.

Even more distressing, nearly three-quarters of the tests were done without any local or general anaesthesia. Such a statistic is simply sickening — these animals were often subjected to surgeries or induced tumours.

This is the third straight year that the coalition government has failed to make good on its promise to help stop vivisection in the United Kingdom. It’s time for us to ensure they know we won’t stand by and let this continue in 2014.

Tell the government to take real action to stop animal research in the country before even more creatures suffer!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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