Unique Content: An Endangered Species

Content is King. We have been told that for years. Whether you are a newspaper, radio, TV or online provider content is your heartbeat.

Without it you are dead. Offer up the same regurgitated vanilla offering as the others and your existence puts more strain on your other components: brand, personality, apathy of your customers.

With unique content you can build an identity, enhance a brand, create a personslity. Your media becomes alive, it is strong, you stand out.

So why is it that so few commercial entities offer unique content, especially here in Spain?

It isn’t through a lack of talent or desire to provide content by the bloggers, writers and broadcasters.

The financial crisis can be blamed but surely that is too easy an “out”. I am certain that three are enough consumers out there who will buy unique content and enough advertisers with products people want. As a friend said recently Spain may have 25% unemployment but that still leaves 75% employed and earning money.

From my own perspective after years of personal investment in my blogs, writing and broadcasting I am fortunate to have a number of sponsors who will pay for me to produce content and place it: a sponsored newspaper column, a radio segment etc.

The deal is simple: the media provider gets unique free content, the sponsor gets advertising coverage, I get paid.

Win Win Win for all concerned …. or is it.

It is not unknown for the media company to want a share of the sponsorship! In effect they want free content and to be paid for receiving it.

I know their arguments: they are providing advertising space and have invested in their business.

Valied points but I dont buy them. Show me a media at the moment that has filled all its advertising slots, not least because they dont offer enough unique content. Sure you invested no doubt with a view of making money …. by providing your customers with content. Without the content you will have no customers and one assumes no business.

Each to their own as they say. You wont see me paying someone to receive my content. Some may say I am greedy wanting to be paid for providing a service but I suggest it is not myself or the sponsor who are the greedy ones. It also appears we the only ones wanting to provide people with unique content.

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