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United: Don’t Kill Any More Geese!

United Utilities recently slaughterd 60 geese at its headquarters in Warrington. There are far more humane ways to deal with this issue.

Earlier in July, officials at United Utilities headquarters in Warrington shot and killed 60 Canada geese. Many of the birds’ babies had just hatched; now, those goslings will be orphaned, if they haven’t died already.

United representatives said that they’d opted to slaughter the geese because employees had been attacked. While it is true that Canada geese can become aggressive, it is likely that they were just protecting their babies. Killing them one by one for treating humans like predators isn’t just cruel; it’s also unnecessary.

There are many humane ways that United could have allowed the geese to coexist with its employees. It could have trapped the geese and released them in a lake farther away from humans, or even put up railings around the ponds on-site t o reduce goose-human interactions. Instead, it opted to murder dozens of them.

More geese are already arriving, attracted by the lake on United’s property. United may have overreacted last time, but now it has a chance to make things right. Sign the petition asking United to pledge not to kill any more geese!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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