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Urge China To Stop Bear Bile Farming

Farming bears for their bile is one of the most atrocious forms of animal cruelty. The practice still continues in China and must be stopped!

I first learned about bear bile farming when I began working with animal welfare organisations nearly 7 years ago. It shocked me then and still does. Across China more than 10,000 moon bears are crammed into tiny cages in barren warehouses while their bile is painfully extracted every day. These wild animals never feel the sun on their backs or grass under their feet.

Bear bile farming must stop NOW!

Bear bile is used in traditional Asian medicine to treat anything from headaches to poor eyesight. There is no scientific evidence to prove its potency and there are plenty of synthetically-created medicines that actually work.

The method of extraction makes it even more unappetizing. A permanent hole is made in the bear’s gall bladder from which bile is extracted by a tube. Because bile is actively produced by a living bear, the animals are kept on bile farms for up to 30 years to increase bile yield. This illegal practice continues despite overwhelming public opposition and the availability of many humane, effective and affordable alternatives.

In recent months, the Chinese government has begun taking steps to close illegal farms. Now we must urge them to make this issue a priority and set a firm date when bear farming will stop!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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