Urge the EU to Ban Cruel Fox Hunting

Hunting foxes with hounds is a cruel and barbaric “sport”, which causes distress to the dogs and foxes. In addition to terrifying shy foxes, the hunts result in the deaths of thousands of dogs each year.

That’s why Care2 member Alix R. is calling on the European Union (EU) to outlaw fox hunting with dogs. Will you sign Alix’s petition?

Dogs do not hunt foxes by instinct and are trained to do so. Once the dogs outlive their use — usually at about 6 years of age — they are killed! Younger dogs might be killed if they aren’t good hunters or don’t fit into the hunting dog pack. As a result, thousands of dogs are slaughtered each year. This must end!

Foxes survive on small mammals like mice and serve as an important pest control agent in the food chain — contrary to the myth that foxes are pests. Scientists say foxes tend to regulate their own populations. They are also naturally fearful of people and tend to avoid humans. If these weren’t good enough reasons to end the hunts, foxes are sensitive animals who can feel fear and pain in the same way as dogs.

Under existing legislation, EU Member States are allowed to determine their own laws regarding hunting foxes with dogs. We need to ensure that the laws are consistent and protect animals.

Join Alix and call on the EU to set the precedent by banning fox hunting with hounds.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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