Wales: Don’t Ruin Pristine Wildlife Habitat with Racetrack

The Brecon Beacons national park in South Wales is a pristine, peaceful expanse of land that’s home to dozens of wildlife species. But now, developers are planning on turning 830 acres of it into a racetrack.

The Brecon Beacons national park is gorgeous, pristine and peaceful, with rolling green hills and trees as far as the eye can see. It’s also home to dozens of native birds and wildlife species. But that beauty could be ruined with the construction of an enormous racetrack over 830 acres of the area.

At the track, racecars and motorbikes will roar around 3.5 miles of the complex, churning out smog and smoke into the previously clear air. But the track won’t just pollute the region with smog, noise and bright lights at night. It’ll also attract hundreds of thousands of people in their own automobiles, further contaminating the landscape.

Common land like Brecon Beacons, which has been undisturbed for centuries, is increasingly rare in Britain. It’s extremely important that we conserve it for future generations rather than turning cheap profits.

Local leaders need to start prioritising the environment and wildlife as well as the economy. Ask Welsh officials not to ruin Brecon Beacons with a noisy racetrack!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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