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Watched the England v Denmark match last night via ipTV to see what it was like. As far as the game was concerned I have little hopes that we will progress through to the knock out stages in Brazil BUT we do have some promising youngsters and if the FA stick with Hodgson (who seems a very pragmatic and practical man) I suspect the future may be pretty good.

As for the ipTV ‘test’ my weapons of choice were an Android TV ‘Box’ running FilmOn.

It was OK. Taking for granted it wasn’t HD and it wasn’t satellite the quality of the picture was pretty much the same as I recall SD being, and certainly no worse than in 90% of the bars that I have watched football in over the last 10 years or so.It was grainy and failed to keep up with the speed (what there was of it) a little, but no fragging and no buffering.

I had some help in my test as well. Kasper (as you can see below) had no difficulty following the ball!

2014-03-05 22.21.50_575,

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