We can stop the return of hunting ‘by the back door’

It took more than 80 years of campaigning to banish the obscene ‘sport’ of foxes, deer, hares and mink being chased and ripped apart. Yet, astonishingly some – including the current Government – are thinking about turning back the clock.

Don’t let it happen! Say “No!” to a return to cruelty.

After decades of campaigning, the cruel and unnecessary “sport” of hunting with dogs was banned in 2004 when the Hunting Act became law. Ten years later, the Government knows that it would be unlikely to win an open vote in Parliament to repeal the Hunting Act, so it is thinking of bringing back hunting “by the back door”.

The Government may try to introduce this amendment very quickly, hoping nobody will notice. We can’t let this happen … and we need your urgent help to stop it.

The Act only allows two dogs to be used, under certain exceptional conditions, to flush foxes out of cover to be shot. Welsh hunters have called for the two-dog limit to be removed, so full packs of dogs can be used. The Government is considering amending the Hunting Act to remove the two-dog limit, not just in Wales but in the whole of England, too.

The Government may claim that this is just a tiny change to the Hunting Act that doesn’t merit much debate in Parliament. It can be done very quickly … and very quietly. In truth it’s a move that would make the Act unenforceable!

The current two-dog restriction makes it easier to present evidence of illegal hunts taking place when the hunts claim exempt hunting. If full packs were allowed to flush animals from cover, this would be used as an alibi to hunt illegally. It would make it extremely difficult to prosecute illegal hunts.

Urge your MP to vote against this Hunting Act amendment.

The Government’s actions could result in foxes and deer being cruelly and needlessly chased and killed for the hunt’s enjoyment.

The vote could take place anytime, so please contact your MP as soon as possible. Ask your MP to vote against this amendment.

We cannot allow the Hunting Act to be repealed ‘by the back door’.

You can contact your MP via the IFAW site here

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