We must act now to stop the return of fox hunting!

Prime Minister David Cameron wants to bring back fox hunting. For the sake of the animals, the Hunting Act must not be repealed.

The Conservative government plan to have a ‘free vote’ in the commons on repealing the Hunting Act of 2004 — which banned hunting wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales. It’s critical that your MP votes to keep the ban. Please sign our petition now to send an email to your MP — urging them to vote against repealing the Hunting Act. If the act is repealed, foxes, mink and hare in England and Wales will no longer be protected against the snapping jaws of hunting dogs.

If you live in Scotland — or know anyone who does — it’s even more important to sign and share this petition. The SNP have not yet decided whether to vote on this issue, but have promised to vote against repealing the act if they do. Hunting is already banned in Scotland and this won’t affect Scottish animals. Please sign to ask your MP to vote to save foxes in England and Wales. We need the SNP to vote on this.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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