Wild Bill

Watched Wild Bill last night, the 2012 directorial debut of English director/actor Dexter Fletcher last night.

Set in East London, in the shadow of the Olympic site, the story revolves around Bill Hayward (Charlie Creed-Miles), a prisoner of eight years out on parole. Returning home, he finds his two sons, Dean (Will Poulter), aged 16, and Jimmy (Sammy Williams), aged 11, abandoned by their mother and fending for themselves. Dean, who is acting as father to his young brother, forces Bill to stay when social services threaten to put the boys into care. A bond between Bill and Jimmy quickly develops, and Dean gradually comes around to the idea of having his father around. However, their domestic life is short-lived, when Jimmy starts drug-dealing for some local villains. Source

Really enjoyed it. Had the feel of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels to be fair, and wasn’t the most imaginative plot, but the acting was good and I enjoyed the underlying humour throughout the film.

Short movie (96 mins) but one that is well worth watching.

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