Wildlife Safari: Stop using bullhooks on your elephants!

Earlier this month, my grandkids had the day off school. Hoping for a fun and educational outing, we trekked down to Wildlife Safari in central Oregon. Unfortunately, what we saw alerted us to some serious problems. Would you sign my Care2 petition, urging Wildlife Safari to treat their elephants better right now?

Much of the park seemed fine, with what appeared to be great space and habitat for elk, bison, and even a cheetah. When it came time for our special “elephant experience” however, things went downhill.

My grandson had recently learned about elephants, and I’ve long had a special feeling for these majestic animals, so what we saw was very disturbing. Their living space was small, and much of it included concrete floors, which is horrible for these massive animals’ joints.

Even worse, the elephant staff used bullhooks to force the elephants to do tricks for our group. Bullhooks are used to poke, strike, and intimidate elephants, and their training methods have even been banned in Los Angeles and Oakland. This type of training should not be acceptable – please sign my petition urging Wildlife Safari to treat their elephants better and ban the bullhook!

When we got back home I did a little research and learned that Wildlife Safari has been included on an animal welfare organization’s annual list of “Ten Worst Zoos for Elephants” for years. They regularly train their elephants to do unnatural activities such as wash cars and paint Christmas ornaments – just about anything to make a buck.

I really hope the trip ends up being educational for my grandkids – if we all take action, I’m sure we can convince Wildlife Safari to treat their elephants better. Let’s show my grandkids what can happen when people come together for a change.

Thanks for helping make a more humane world,

Hannah B.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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