Xiangshawan Resort: Stop Cruel Animal Performances!

I was horrified when I went to a resort in China and saw trainers threatening pregnant and sick animals to get them to perform. I started a Care2 petition demanding the resort stop supporting this cruelty. Will you sign it?

When I was visiting China, my host family took me to see a show at Xiangshawan Resort. I was appalled to see that the performance included abused tigers, goats, bears and elephants doing various tricks under threat of punishment.

I want to help these animals by stopping the resort’s cruel show. I started a Care2 petition asking the Xiangshawan Resort to cancel their show and send the animals to a sanctuary. Will you sign it?

Xiangshawan is a large resort located in a remote stretch of desert in Inner Mongolia. The resort offers camel rides, desert surfing, and several performances, including the animal show I saw.

I was so horrified by the animal show that I felt compelled to take video as evidence of the cruelty. At one point, staff made a goat walk along a narrow rail by striking its legs with a metal pipe every time it hesitated. The trainers forced an elephant to perform by pulling its ears, and made a seemingly pregnant tiger jump through a ring of fire whilst being threatened by the sound of whips.

These wild animals do not voluntarily ride bicycles, balance on beams, or jump through rings of fire. They perform these difficult tricks because they are afraid of punishment.

Even worse, the animals in Xiangshawan are left outside in cages in the blistering desert heat when they are not performing. I saw one bear rocking back and forth in his cage, clearly overheating while outside in the midday sun. It is heartless to allow animals to be maltreated simply for entertainment. If enough people sign my petition opposing these performances, the resort will realize that continuing them would be bad for business.

Don’t let Xiangshawan Resort continue to profit from cruelty towards animals. End these disgusting performances.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

Thank you for your help,

Andrew Mason
Care2 Member

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