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Yes, No, Maybe

Happy New Year. I send you these greetings once again from the elevated position of ‘being on the Wagon’!

Once more it will be a dry January for me: the 27th year in a row I haven’t drank alcohol in January.

As for the title of this post:

Yes: exercise! Walk couple times a day, cycle 3 times a week, run once a week is the aim. Throw in daily pilates and stretching and some strength work a couple of times a week and you have my plan to be Fit By 50, as that is how old I will be this summer.

No: bread, chocolate, nuts, crisps, red meat, ice cream, sweets, deserts, croissants, bagels, crumpets, muffins until I have reached my target weight and fitness. I am determined to hit 50 before 50 hits me and to have achieved a level of fitness and lifestyle that is both healthy and sustainable for my age.

Maybe: stay on the wagon for three months as reckon going to be hard work achieving the above. Maybe go vegetarian as seriously considering it. Maybe make a return to radio and newspapers now the ALStrays Transport is set up.

As for resolutions nothing specific. I do intend to do more blogging across our blogs: www.chrismarshsll.ws, www.alstrays.com and www.almerimarlife.com.  Both Sands and I are determined to do more to help the cats and dogs here in Spain, and elsewhere where we can.

Personally I want to make more time to be with our cats, to watch more movies and read more books and to spend more time enjoying our apartment balcony and roof.

So while 2013 is going to be a really tough year as the world continues to spiral out of control my plan is simple: focus on the things that are important to me (family, health, fitness, our cats, helping the abandoned cats and dogs, riding the Harley’s) and pretty much ignore everything else.

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