You can help a crippled baby elephant walk again

It’s the UK’s first Giving Tuesday! Your chance to be part of a global day of charitable giving and support. With a Giving Tuesday gift, you can make a world of difference for a crippled baby elephant.

Suni is one of the calves at the Zambia Elephant Orphanage. After being wounded in a cruel attack, she is struggling to learn how to walk again.

As you can see in this video it’s a heartbreaking sight. It takes all her effort to stand up, and her body wobbles with each step.

Suni was found dragging herself along a road, her right back leg paralysed by a horrific axe attack by an unknown assailant. She was rescued and brought to the Orphanage.

The round-the-clock care given by the Orphanage’s keepers and veterinarians has helped Suni regain some use of her leg, but she still is not able to walk normally. We’re providing her with specialised boots and ongoing vet care. We are going to do everything we can to help Suni walk again. We know you wouldn’t give up on Suni either.

Suni needs long-term care to recover and return to the wild. We will give her that care, but we need your help. Can you help make the dream of Suni’s recovery come true with a Giving Tuesday gift?

Most of the calves at the orphanage are there because their mothers were killed by poachers. Suni and the other calves at the Zambia Elephant Orphanage have suffered so much but now they are safe. They have a home for Christmas – and for as long as they need until they are grown up and ready to return to the wild.

The Elephant Orphanage Project is a project of Game Rangers International, established by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, in close collaboration with the Zambia Wildlife Authority and International Fund for Animal Welfare.

It’s a team effort and we need you on the team. We’re protecting Suni and the other baby elephants and providing them with nourishing food and medical care, as well as a nurturing, mothering presence.

We’re working in many ways to fight the heartless poachers, but while that struggle continues we need to care for orphaned baby elephants, like Suni. Won’t you please help Suni and other animals in need today?

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