2G iPod Shuffle Problem?

I haven’t researched this yet, but I think I am having a problem with our two second generation iPod Shuffles since yesterdays iTunes upgrade.

Twice now the iMac has “detected a corrupt” Shuffle, and both times it has been the 2G Shuffle. The Nano, Mini and 1G Shuffle are all operating perfectly.

On the Mac mini this morning the 2G Shuffle wasn’t corrupt but it had lost all it’s tunes and needed to be “autofilled’ again.

What also seems to have happened since the upgrade is that I now get warning messages that some of the iPods are connected via 1.1 USB ports, not 2.0 and that the performance may suffer. I accept it would be better to have then connected through 2.0 ports but I have so much stuff connected that it just isn’t possible for all of them. Besides they work! Is it just a coincidence that I am only getting these messages after the upgrade yesterday?

Off to search the forums…….

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