Bank of America are rubbish!

I am tempted to say ‘only in America’ but I think that would be somewhat unfair in this case, but if I say ‘typical of America” I doubt anyone can really argue?

I have a checking and savings account with the BoA. I have had them for years, although I don’t use them much as I don’t reside or work in the US. The ‘deal’ was that checking was free so long as I deposited $25 in the savings account each month. This could be a transfer from my checking account, so long as it was a monthly direct debt. I could even go on line the next day and transfer it straight back to the checking account and my banking would still be free (go figure that logic!).

Anyway a couple of months ago I noticed a $5.95 monthly charge on my checking account which I have only just got round to looking at. Appears that my account type no longer exists so they switched me to the one that incurs the monthly fee, even though they have told me that there is a account that is exactly the same as the one that I had initially i.e. free if pay $25 into savings account etc, in all but name. Basically they have changed the name of the account as far as I can tell. So rather than swap me over to what I was already on (and happy with) they switched me to the one that earns them money.

Anyway I have communicated via email and they are really sorry but they can’t make the switch for me, but if I go on line I can use my existing account details to open up a new free account, transfer the balance out of my existing checking account and close it down. They can’t do that but I can, well actually I can’t!!! I specifically asked them if I needed a social security number as I don’t have one and they told me that I didn’t as I already had an account. So I tried – only to be told by the Live Chat person that I did have to have a social security number!!!!!!!!!!

So now they want me to call them. They repeatedly tell me that I am a valued customer and they are sorry for the inconvenience in their emails, but they can’t actually give me the right advice, and they can’t pick up the phone to sort out the problem that they created.

So this afternoon I will call them – what do you think the outcome will be?

6 thoughts on “Bank of America are rubbish!

  1. Danny

    Ouch, seems like they’re really ducking and diving on this one either that or the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. My bet is they ensure you that you are a “valued customer” and try and convince you that the only way forward is to use the paid account.

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    I hate their automated answering system. After 5 mins I said “personal checking” and ended up in the credit card loop. 15 mins later I am explaining to a lady that it is nothing personal but I don’t want to talk to her but having been thrown into that loop there was no way out!!!

    5 mins later she ‘gets it’ and transfers me. I then hold for 5 mins and explain to the (nice) lady that if one more person tells me I am valued customer or that they are sorry for the inconvenience I will hang up and close my accounts. She has the grace to accept this. I then explain my situation and straight away she credits me the fees I have paid and gives me a years waiver on the account. I am happy enough with that. But I have to say that is 100% the American way, don’t worry about preventing something just credit it back when you mess up. Serioulsy it gets worse – what used to be great customer service is now just lost profit and an excuse for mis management and poor processes in the first place.

    Anyway 45 minutes later I am sorted – well at least for a year!!!

  3. Tommy

    Bank of America has a poor costumer service, they want to take maney from you for any way possible. In the list of Banks….BofA is the worse one. I got used to see my bank stament with different charges….so I closed that account with that F…bank. Now I very happy with Washington Mutual. Bank of America should learn more from the competition and stop making money with extra charges or switching costumer from an account to another with the only purpose to make money…..basicly the steal with a license!!!!
    Chris, you are not the only one with this problem, thousand of American costumer have the same nightmare that you. If you want a 100% free account go to Wasington Mutual or Citibak.

    Good luck buddy!!!

  4. Tannit

    I hate BoA. Yes, their customer service sucks (no, WaMu is no better, at least not when you find out that they put a 10 business day hold on checks). The web interface is pretty good, but that’s about it.
    However, they are required to collect your SSN – you can get away without it for a checking account, if you’re pushy and know the law, but the IRS requires its collection for interest-bearing, aka savings, accounts.

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