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Brexit: A Second Referendum The Only Answer?

Rather surprised, and worried, to find that watching an interview with Tony Blair last night I agreed with him.

Everytime I see him I have an image of him in a Orange Jump Suit, working hard on the chain gang …… but last night he was in his usual suit with his permanent smug look, discussing the case for a second referendum on Sky TV.

Crux of his argument was that a General Election is fought over a range of issues: Health Services, Economy, Defence, Education etc and as such a single subject such as Brexit should not be allowed to dominate a General Election.

I agreed with him, but I have other reasons for believing that a Second Referendum is necessary.

  1. There can be no doubt that the Leave Vote was split between those that wanted No Deal and those that believed they were voting for a Deal. I hold the view that as long as only one person voted no in the belief that they had been told it was based on a deal, the Leave Vote is compromised. Factor in all those that also believed it was a Remain or Leave with a Deal option, and really weren’t that bothered which so opted not to vote, and I can’t see how anyone can argue that it is anything other than fair to hold a second referendum …. well apart from the No Deal Leavers who fear that the vote will go against them.
  2. A Second Referendum is required to remove the childish ambiguity being pedalled by the collective at Westminster. They have achieved one thing only over the last three years, to prove that leaving with a deal is not viable. Which actually makes it easier: the Second Referendum should be a straightford Remain or Leave with No Deal.

For those that argue that this vote would also be debated by those that lost the fact is that nobody can argue was any ambiguity in the options, and unlike last time everybody now has a very clear view of what each decision would result in.

Whatever happens with Brexit the UK is going to require healing as many will feel angry at the outcome, but at the very least we should remove any anger at being treated unfairly.

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