Call Recorder

Call Recorder normally $14.95, currently $12.95 is one of those product that does exactly what you want it to do, in a simple clean way. callrecorder.jpg

As they say on their web site, “Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype which automatically transforms your calls into QuickTime movies. Call Recorder is great for lessons, interviews, podcasts or just having fun.” I couldn’t put it better myself!

To quote from their site again, it has a number of features:

– Manually start/stop/pause, or record automatically.
– Control file size and quality.
– State-of-the-art AAC file format saves space.
– Convert your calls to MP3 format.

One thing that would greatly enhances the product would be’ a quality handset. On my PC I use a CyberPhone K and a Olympia Dual Cordless Phone, and they greatly enhance both the quality of the call and the usability of Skype. Unfortunately they aren’t compatible with the Mac, and neither was my Headset and microphone combination, so I actually used a Belkin Bluetooth headset, which is great for moving around whilst I talk, but not very good for quality. So if anyone has any recommendations as to what to use with the Mac please let me have them.

I am certainly no sound engineer but the lack of audio tracks (one for your voice and one for everybody else on a conference call) probably means that the professional podcasters aren’t going to be that interested in the product but as an general fun product Call Recorder is great. In my experience the incoming call was clearer than my own voice, and there wasn’t really that much that I could do to tidy that up. Using just the inbuilt microphone and speakers of the PowerBook was actually pretty good so if you don’t use Skype that much and don’t want to invest in a headset or handset don’t be put off.

Now I am not sure of the legality of recording conversations but as virtually every help desk says that they “may record” the call, I decided that I would do the same. So whenever I had reason to call a help desk I told them that I may record the call and I did. I found this incredibly useful as it gave me a record of the conversation that otherwise I wouldn’t have had, so when I had to phone back and complain that something hadn’t been credited back to my credit card that I had been promised during the call, I was able to refer back to the actual original call. I also found this very empowering for some reason. With emails and letters you have a record of your side of the debate, but until now that wasn’t the case with a phone call. It is now, and that believe it or not was the single most useful thing that I used Call Recorder for, and still do!

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