It is possible to repair virtually any cricket bat, but two questions will always remain:

  1. How long will the repair last?
  2. Is the cost of the repair worth it?

Before starting work on your bat you will get an honest and realistic assessment of the work required and the most likely service you will get from the bat but please remember no work or predicted timeframe can be guaranteed as there are so many unknowns: the internal quality/damage to the bat, your level of play, the quality of balls etc.

As for the second question, that is very much up to you as it may be an all time favourite bat or a spare bat for the nets. You will get an accurate quotation before any work is done on the bat.

So the first thing that happens is an assessment of the bat. You can drop it off, post it, or send photos and videos of the bat and the work that needs doing. As a rule this is enough to quote accurately but it may be necessary to see the bat to assess significant damage like straight through cracks to the toe, or a split on the shoulder.


By far the most requested service this entails stripping the bat of all stickers, scuff sheets, bat tape, grips, thoroughly sanding the bat, repairing surface cracks and signs of use and then oiling the bat, applying a new grip, applying new stickers*, a scuff sheet and edge tape and knocking it to ensure no dead spots.

Cost: £30 + * the cost of stickers which will match those of the original manufacturer or you can provide. If you want a second grip adding that will be an extra £5 or again you can provide and fitting will be included in the cost.


It is very rare to repair a bat and not to refurbish it, as to repair a bat you pretty much have to strip it down to basics, so although a quote for repair only can be provided, the service priced below is for a repair in addition to a refurbishment

Cost £25


NOT the cheapest as a) a good quality replacement handle is around £50 and b) it is not the easiest of jobs BUT it is a viable option for an old favourite.

Cost £70 BUT please note this does not include any other refurbishment or repair and it will probably be necessary to remove the stickers from the bat.

Toe Guard

Will supply and fit a rubberised toe guard, helping protect the toe of your bat and reducing damage caused by various playing surfaces.

Cost £15

Pre Season Preparation

Basically knocking in, oiling and if required adding a scuff sheet and edge tape

Cost £35 + cost of scuff sheet and edge tape

It can all seem a little daunting so why not just Contact Us and we can have a chat and then see what is best for you and your bat. It may even be better for you to check if there are any refurbished bats for sale.

Refurbished Bats

Why not consider a retired pro level bat that has been professionally repaired if (necessary) and refurbished.

Check out some previous examples

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