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Can’t say that I have been overly dynamic since we moved back to the UK from Spain in March, but slowly slowly and all that …… I have got round to updating our Consultancy Site, and also my CV, which you can access here.

Why you may ask.

Good question I could say ….

Having decided to hang up the keys for good on our scheduled pet transports between Spain and the UK, I have decided what it is that I want to focus on next, so if you are interested or even think you could help spread the word or indeed benefit from my involvement then please read on.

Life in Spain highlighted three things:

  1. I have zero desire to return to my old pre Spain life regards working, travel and lifestyle,
  2. I want to continue to help with animal welfare related issues, and
  3. It is essential to use the old grey matter to maintain a healthy balance in life.

With that in mind I have decided that for the foreseeable future I am going to concentrate on the following:

  1. Pet Transport: I would like to get through to July 2020 offering the UK and Calais Pet Transport Services and our Charter Transports. Being realistic I can do between 4-6 Charters a year and no more than two UK and Calais Pet Transports a month.
  2. Animal Welfare: I would like to get involved with animal welfare charities at either board/trustee level or in an advisory/consultancy capacity. My intention is to work with 2 or 3 with a mix of non remunerated and remunerated roles.
  3. Educational: Sands and I are going to be working on digitising and archiving Marshall Innovations, and I also want to work in a similar way as Animal Welfare i.e. a small portfolio of educational/child based charities. In addition I intend to pick up the scribe again and look to get a couple or columns a la the Expat Telegraph column I did while I was in Spain.

No huge rush: dogs, getting fit, spending time with our parents, sporting events, concerts and the theatre are keeping us busy for now, but I will start focussing on the above towards the end of the year, so if you could spread the word or indeed want a word all much appreciated.

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