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Living ‘in’ a Marina there are, obviously, a lot of yachts. One thing that you quickly notice is that they don’t move much. We were really surprised when we first moved here not to see more of them out sailing. It was pointed out to us that in most cases the yachts are peoples home, so if they want to go sailing they have to make the boat sea worthy which can be a lot of hassle when you are only going out for an hour or so. Besides, I guess that if you have just sailed for months to get somewhere you don’t really want to go out for an afternoons sail.

The only down side of the yachts? When it gets windy the rigging can get very loud.

I asked Andie what she would have done to improve the picture. She said “nothing wrong except the contrast, very cool picture”

Original Picture

More Masts.jpeg

6 thoughts on “Current Desktop

  1. Darren Rolfe

    Sorry just scrolled further down and now seen the original image.

    But still there are settings you can apply to warm up shots.

    I would actually be interested to read what you did exactly to get from image A to image B.

    We all have our different ways…

  2. Wayne LeFevre

    Looks good! I remember I had a picture very similar to this and someone told me all the masts made it look too busy… 🙂

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    Who could possibly have said that 🙂 This picture was taken specifically for the Almerimar Life project, I actually find it very artistic but too busy!!!

    I like it for what it is and how it turned out but it isn’t a picture I would normally take.

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