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Current Marathon Thoughts

My mind still keeps drifting back to the idea of running a marathon this year. There are two main reasons for this:

  • I want to get fitter and need a end goal to focus on
  • I want to do another sponsored event to raise some funds for the stray animals here in Almerimar

I have no actual desire to run a marathon as such, it just keeps cropping up as the best way of achieving the above two objectives. One thing I do know is that with my personality and schedule I wont be entering any of the big organised events like London, Dubai, New York as I just could’t commit to the precise date, and I would hate the whole ‘crowd thing’ and the organisation etc.

I would be willing to fly to another country to run it with someone though, so if anyone else is mad enough to do this with me then let me know! Looking at my diary and my waistline I reckon that I would have to run it the week of 5th October as Mac is here the week after and I will probably be at the Max Expo in the UK this year which tends to be at the end of October.

This gives me 7 months to get into shape, which should be enough time, although it will mean a lot of training over the summer again which was tough last year. Still I would know what to expect and could be better prepared i.e run very early in the mornings!!!

I am still unsure though, so if anyone has any other suggestions for getting fit and raising some sponsorship please let me know. In the meantime my plan is to use March and April to ease back into running and more importantly lose some weight as one thing I did learn last year is that I can’t train and try and lose weight at the same time. I think that is one reason I got so fatigued, so this year I need to lose most of the weight before I start training.

Anyone ran a marathon and can give some tips on a good schedule? Anyone want to join me?

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7 thoughts on “Current Marathon Thoughts

  1. Thinking about joining you – only issue is new baby arrives Sept and would not have time to devote to Marathon training then! Will think further! Certainly need to loose weight still – not been a good few weeks πŸ™

  2. That would be cool. Would happily travel to the UK to run. My guess is that if you don’t get it done before the baby arrives you wont get it done after πŸ™‚

    I can be flexible with earlier dates πŸ™‚

  3. [quote comment=””]If you come over here, I swear I will be right beside you. Of course, I’ll be in my carÒ€¦ But really, I’ll go slow! ;)[/quote]

    πŸ™‚ you are too kind ……..

  4. I admire your goal and drive. The fittest I have been in recent years was a few years back when I ran in a work organised 5k.

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