Diary of a Vegan Cricketer (Week Eleven)

Runs, wickets, golf, and positive news on the Vegan front, (nearly) watching cricket at Edgbaston and Fathers Day ….. what next?

2024 Season Week Eleven: June 10th – June 16th

Not a lot of cricket played through choice as I said last week, but what I did play was good, probably because I had a couple of really good training sessions at the beginning of the week, and because my body is so much better these days.

Training: FINALLY managed to get a couple of sessions in this week, one with my regular practice partner so that gave me a really good opportunity to work on my batting, and one with a new teammate that I am semi coaching/practicing with and as they are a left arm ‘pace’ bowler it gives me a good alternative to what I usually face in the nets. With the former I have introduced running between the wickets so in every set of 6 I run 2 singles and a 2, not particularly fast (no surprise) but to train the body and mind into being on the move and batting when a little out of breath.

Playing: was due to play Staffordshire Seniors 1s on Tuesday and Captain Church Eaton 2s on Saturday. The later was rained off, the former was a bit of a break through moment (possibly). I have never really been seen as a bowler for the 1s so to bowl first change, 9 overs straight through and take the wicket of the two openers was really pleasing. Even at 60 it is nice to be appreciated by your teammates and being asked to lead the team off the field was a very pleasant experience. Batting wise I was one of three that were to be 5,6 or 7 depending on the situation and to be honest I didn’t even consider that 26/3 would be situation I would go in at 5 at, but I did and it was beyond doubt the best innings I have played this season, and for the 1s. Hamstring tightened up but it held up and it was very reassuring to know that all the hard work is starting to pay off. Am not in any doubt that I am far from being a first choice 1s player (yet) but with four games left in the group league I would hope to play in at least two.

9 overs straight through, first change and dismissed the two openers, a really satisfying performance
Batted 5, went in at 26-3 in the 7th over and was out 116-3 in the 32nd over having stabilised the innings and then started to accelerate.

Golf: I have a little challenge with my regular golf partner, a best of 3, and I am one down. Before the game this week I said we should just play a friendly as my shoulder was really sore …. and then proceeded to play as well as I have since I started playing again and beat him! Sods law isn’t restricted just to cricket, but as with cricket a healthy body and mind really helps and once again I was pleased with my progress.

Edgbaston: Sands and I had planned to go to the T20 on Friday night, one of only a handful I can make this year but the weather and forecast put us off: we missed a good game and had to rearrange my meeting with the Catering Manager. Yep appears that research and comment throughout the season can lead to some good stuff. I had a really good conversation earlier in the week about how Edgbaston came over to a vegan, which resulted in the meeting being scheduled. We will now meet next Thursday at the T20. Honest observations, debate, and a desire to make things better – all the right ingredients!

Vegan: for the first time this year a request popped up in a WhatsApp group to let the organiser of a charity game I am playing in July know if anyone had any dietary requirements. It is a shirt, jacket and tie event with a sit down meal so a little ‘more’ than a club tea, but it felt good to be asked.

And finally …. I opted not to play on Sunday because it was a Father’s day, and that is a priority for me. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the League as they made this Sunday one of the catch up days for the late start to the season. Kudos to Church Eaton for clearly stating that ‘family first’ was their approach, and to all those that did play, but really the League should take a look at their priorities.

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